The Workout Motivation Module

Why You Want It

Why do you want workout motivation? Maybe you've failed to achieve your fitness goal. You start and stop and exercise without being consistant.

Now why do you want exercise motivation? Maybe it was the doctors orders. Maybe you have a high school reunion coming up and need to get in better shape. Maybe you just want to prove to yourself that you can do it.

Your goal may be to workout consistantly for a year or maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you need to pick an exact end date for what you hope to accomplish. Burn your bridges so that there is no turning back.

Draw A Line In The Sand

Part of workout motivation is going after what you want even when you do not want too. It is the key difference between those who accomplish their goal and those who do not.

When you have that mindset to workout there is no stopping you. When you are persistant and do not want anything to get in the way of your fitness plans you are on your way.

Ensure that now is the time that you are going to start. Not tommorrow or next week but now. You never want to look back and say to yourself if only I had started then I would be...You are a few months away from your goal.

Push Yourself

Unless you really have a good reason not to workout be hard on yourself when you don't. That will give you a big workout motivation boost when you do not workout.

Have you ever felt like you wasted time or knew that you were suppose to do something that you did not do. Remember how you had a sort of sinking feeling when you did not do it. Well it's that feeling that gives us exercise motivation.

It's the feeling you don't want to feel when you don't do any physical activity. So you'll do what you can to get the mindset to workout.

The Feeling After

Have you ever given something your all? You pushed yourself like there was no tommorrow. It's like a sprinter bursting the finish line tape first. Well the feeling you get after the job is done is second to none. That's a great workout motivation to keep in the back of your mind as you push yourself.

Remember that feeling when you want to quit. Just remember the feeling of accomplishment you get when you are able to jump over the hurdle called quit. The after effect helps to reduce stress and just create a nice sense of accomplishment.

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