Weight Training For Overall Muscle Development

Weight Training for Muscles

You do weight training when your muscle is being forced to use more strength because of resistance added to it.

The result is an increase in muscle development and size. It is a type of strength training involving weights.

Your muscles get stronger and you are able to lift more as a result of the resistance. It tells itself that it needs to get stronger because it is being required to lift more.

You do more repetitions (reps) with lighter weight because you are able to lift more. On the other hand you do less with heavier weights because your muscles are not able to go the extra mile. The heavier you do the less reps you should do. Heavier reps also help you to gain more muscle. It's like life, the greater the challenger the greater the growth.

Gaining muscle mass and strength does not happen overnight. You have to stick with a plan and execute it with consistancy. Yes, you may want to socialize and rub ideas of other people in the gym. You may also want to spend a lot of time in the gym. You don't have to work every body part. Just be smart and efficient with your time. Remember you also do not want to rest for long intervals during sets.

Use proper weight training form when exercising so you do not injure yourself.

Weight training involves a person using dumbells, barbells or machines. Machines should be used when a person is injured and in need of rehabilitation. It provides greater support to people who have a hard time stabilizing a weight. On the other hand when using weights it calls for greater stabilization. More particularly with dumbells as opposed to barbells.

Stabilization results in the activation of the use of more muscle groups for greater muscle development. Use proper form and a manageable weight to avoid injury.

Types of Weight Training

Pyramid Set...recommended

Most guys build muscle mass by increasing the weight with each set while decreasing the reps done. For example 4 sets of bench press which includes 15 reps of 135 lbs, 12 reps of 165 lbs, 10 reps of 190 lbs, 8 reps of 225 lbs. You increase the weight based on how much you are able to lift. Some guys on the other hand may just do 4 sets which includes 6 reps of 225 lbs.

Single Set...pressed for time

Some people may be pressed for time and may have to leave the gym early. Instead of doing multiple sets with one exercise they can do one single set of say 15 reps of 190 lbs. While this will not help too much with your strength training you still get to do a workout.

Super Set...super gains

With this type of workout you train your arms then you go directly into a leg exercise. There is very little rest in between the exercises. For example, you do a bench press of 12 reps of 165 lbs and then go directly into 12 reps of 225 lbs of squats. This increases your muscle size and helps with muscle endurance.

Circuit Training...overall strength and endurance

This is when you do different exercises. One after the other. You may not even rest in between different. It is a type of high intensity exercise workout. Some women may use machines for this type of training and quickly move from one machine to the next. This type of training usually provides a whole body workout. This is similar to the single set training. However, with circuit training you can do more sets with the same exercise instead of a single set.

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