Is Weight Gain Your Goal?

Weight Gain

People want to achieve weight gain when they are too skinny compared to other individuals.

They think they do not look right. This is especially true for those who believe that most people look bigger in size than they do.

Why Gain Weight?

It seems as though more people in society would rather lose weight than add weight. Many people seem to be overweight and are in awe of people who seem to eat what they want and can't gain any more pounds.

However, some individuals think that their clothes do not fit right and even small sizes of clothes look baggy. They will be overlooked by the football coach because they may be too small to play and can get injured easily. When you lack the size you may be denied the opportunity to play.

Some people simply do not like the way they look. They compare themselves to other people who may have a more muscular frame and see all their shortcomings. Some people may have eating disorders and need to eat and gain weight for health reasons. They lack the neccessary nutrients and energy for their body to function properly.

How To Achieve Weight Gain?

To gain "meat on your bones" you have to eat more calories each day than you burn.

1 calorie = 1 unit of energy

Your body gets this energy when you eat on a daily basis. This shows you that calories are not bad. However, if you consume too many calories and don't burn them off through physical activity then you can gain weight.

You have to choose foods high in calories to gain weight.

Here are some tips

Eat a big breakfast which is the most important meal of the day.

Eggs, toast, oatmeal, fruits, baked fish, milk, and fruit juices are all great items to have on your breakfast menu. Get your biggest power packed energy source in the morning! Literally jump-start your day with breakfast.

Another tip

You have to eat more or increase your meal portions each day if you want to gain weight.

Michael Phelps arguably one of the greatest swimmers in the world eats thousands upon thousands of calories a day. He eats what he wants. On the other side of the coin he expends all that energy when he trains.

While you may make the excuse to achieve weight gain by eating junk food which is high in calories it is not the way to go. You are better off eating more nutrient dense foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Healthy fats may include nuts, olives, and avocados. Gain Weight

Lift Weights for Weight Gain

Lifting weights will definitely help you to gain weight. Resistance training using weights will help you to increase your muscle mass which will increase your overall body weight. Stick to weights and do not do any cardio or high intensity training which will cause you to lose weight.

It will take time to put on more mass. Give it some time. Set a goal to gain 5 lbs in a month. If you exceed that goal then try for 8 lbs next time.

Women will take a little while longer than men to see any gains. Men should incorporate less reps with heavier weight into their regular lifting workouts to build strength which will also help them to do more reps.

Women should focus more on weights instead of cardio. They should do 12 to 15 manageable reps of 3 sets when they exercise with weights.

Remember to eat as your body will need more calories. More protein will help you to build more muscle.

Stay focused and keep at it to see results.

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