Truth About Abs No Nonsense Review

There is a ton of information you can find on getting six pack abs online. However, The Truth About Abs Book is a well researched, organized and written book.

I've dug through a lot of information out there, some good some not so good. Some information is free while others you will have to pay for. However, the treasure turned out to be this particular ab book.


It was written by Mike Geary who is not only a certified personal trainer but a certified nutrition specialist.

You do not need to go to other resources because he over delivers (all bases are covered - ab workouts, meal plans etc). Just stick with what he tells you. He did his research and it can help both men and women who want to get in better shape.

You don't have to wait for the book to be shipped to your house in a box. All you have to do after you purchase is to download and PRESTO! You have your e-book ready to be read. Truth About Abs

The Review

He begins by pointing out the fundamental reason why most people never accomplish their fitness goals or for that matter any other thing in life. It is their mental attitude.

I might add you become what you think about most of the time or believe you can achieve. Your mental attitude is the starting point for any endeavor. It blew me away that truth about abs started with mindset instead of diet.

In short get your mind right about what you believe you can accomplish and then the steps and what is necessary to get there will follow.

Most people would think that the book would begin with ab workouts and healthy eating. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With over 130 pages of information he goes into depth about nutrition. After all he is a certified nutrition specialist. He talks about what happens with our body when we eat certain foods.

In truth about abs he talks about how protein, carbs and fat works in our body. Getting them from the right source will greatly aid in reducing body fat which prevents a person's abs from showing or achieving a flat stomach.

Being healthy is very important and it comes from eating right. A balanced diet with just the right nutrients will prime your body to be a fat burning machine and get ripped abs.

The value of just the meal plans is worth a lot more than the book it self. He gives you a ton of healthy tasty meal plans. I won't tell you how much but it's enough for you to not become anxious about what your next meal would be for days!

The Myth

Will you get abs by just doing 1000 sit ups a day? No.

Purchasing a machine or taking a drug? If it were that easy then everyone would have ripped abs. This book shatters any of those myths.

Instead it replaces it with proper mindset, good nutrition and last but not least ab workouts and other exercises.

Some workouts you do with weights in a gym and some you can do at home. Mike provides pictures so that even if you do not know what a deadlift is you can learn how it's done by looking at the visual representation.

This is a book you must read! Click here to download now.

You will learn a lot from it! It will help you to eat better and workout smarter to see the results you want. It will save you time and money. My $35 investment was well worth the investment.

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