Got Six Pack Abs?

Six Pack Abs No Abs

Which six pack abs would you rather have?

Washboard abs that pop out sure look good on the beach or any event where you don't have to wear a shirt.

Some guys may have a chiseled chest but sport a gut with it. They do all the right exercises at the gym and have the body to show that all their hard work produces results. However, they have a stomach that's the softest spot of all. Six Pack abs is the one muscle group that they can't seem to get.

You see we all have ab muscles. The problem is it is covered by a layer of fat.

My abs

Ever bought an ab machine or any other machine to help get you the body of your dreams?

We all have either used something or bought something with the hope of getting that coveted six pack abs.

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The proof is available for all to see.

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What is the abdominal muscle?

The abdominal muscle helps to give you a proper posture. They also assist you when you when you do a exercise such as squat. It is also responsible for giving you that six pack abs appearance.

The 4 main ab muscles are:

  • Transversus Abdominis
  • This muscle is very deep and it cannot be touched. It acts like a belt and wraps itself around the torso having the most effect on body posture.
  • Internal Obliques
  • This muscle lies on the left and right side of the torso. They are the second deepest muscle and also affect body posture. They help in the lateral flexion and rotation movement of the spine.
  • External Obliques
  • These muscles are also located on either side of the torso. They are not as deep as the internal obliques but they also help in the lateral flexion and rotation movement of the spine.
  • Rectus Abdominus
  • What's interesting to note is that this muscle is the least deep abdominal muscle and does not help when it comes to posture. However, it is this muscle that everyone wants because it gives us that washboard abs look.

    How To Get Rid Of The Fat To Show Your Abs

    Doing 1000 sit ups a day won't get you superhero abs. Taking wonder pills or using super machines will not get you ripped abs. These 4 principles will get you a ripped, shredded six pack.

    To get six pack abs you have to incorporate an overall body fat loss effort. Your body works as a whole. You will not lose fat around your waste and not lose it anywhere else. As long as you start losing fat every area on your body that has fat will experience fat loss.

    Even though fat cells enjoy camping out by the stomach area you can't spot reduce fat by focusing on the stomach area. Ab exercises only shape and strengthen your abs not remove the fat covering them.

    Your abs works just like any other muscle and responds to any type of resistance training by getting stronger. Cardio exercises or high intensity interval training gets the job done. You can also incorporate weight training with these workouts. Work smart not hard to see results.

    Eat Ab Foods

    Well, not necessarily ab foods but the right foods.

    I've seen people eat sweetened oatmeal in the small pack. This has too much sugar in it. The oatmeal without the sugar is the real deal. You can add cinnamon, blue berries bannanas or strawberries. This meal is a great energy source.

    Eggs is a food can help you on quest to getting six pack abs. It is high in protein and can help you build muscle that burns fat.

    Peanut butter is a food that is chuck full of healthy fats and protein. Look for the peanut butter that is close to its natural source as possible. You don't want too much sugar added to it.

    Cottage cheese is also a great source of protein. Select the kind that is low in fat and sodium. There are many other foods that can help you get ripped abs. These are just a few.

    It takes hard work and effort to get your six pack abs. No one said it would be easy. Some people may have been genetically blessed with washboard abs. If you are not one of those then it will take some effort and not a get abs quick product that amazingly melts away fat revealing abs. It will take a little time to see the results you want. However, just remember how it will feel when you step out on the beach for the summer.

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