What Is Protein?


Protein is used by our body to grow, maintain and repair the cells in our body.

In the fitness world we hear that it is a major muscle food. That's because it helps to build muscle which burns fat.

It is a major element of muscles, tissues and organs is also an important part of the process for your metabolism and transporting nutrients and oxygen in the blood.

In the fitness world people will say that it builds muscle. When you workout you need more of it as your muscles need to rebuild itself.

When muscles break down that is when it rebuilds all the torn muscle fibre to help them become bigger and stronger. Too much is not good because when your body uses

It Burns Fat

It increases our metabolism because it takes more calories to digest than carbohydrates or fats. On average you will use about 30 percent of the calories in the protein you eat to digest your meal.

Now if you are an advocate of a low carb diet consider this. Your body will break down muscle mass for energy if there is not enough carbohydrates to be used as energy. This means that the precious muscle you took time to build will be used instead of fat.

I always think about how marathon runners look when I think about my muscle mass being broken down to be used for energy.

The Best Sources Of Protein

Poultry, fish, eggs and beans are your best sources. It is always good to get enough of each. For example, have a fish week and then have a turkey day. It does not always have to be about chicken.

After a workout have some nice muscle food. A nice baked fish or grilled piece of lean meat with some veggies, brown rice and beans gives your body the nutrients that it needs to build itself back up.

It should be eaten with every meal. Your muscle with thank you. You will preserve your muscle and boost your metabolism by burning calories.

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