Are You Overweight?

Overweight Scale

You are overweight when you have more fat than you need. Men should optimally have less than 18% body fat while women should have less than 23%.

This simply means that a man who weighs 200 pounds and is at 20% body fat has 40 pounds of fat. If you eat more calories than you need or can burn then prepare for the extra pounds.

Therefore, when you consume less calories than you need or can burn off the excess that you consume your body will use excess fat stores to help with the deficit. It is important to consume calories to help our bodies with general maintenance and for any type of physical activity. However, too much of it will cause your body to store the excess as fat.

A Check For If You Are Overweight

You measure your body mass index (BMI) which measures your weight related to your height.

On the other hand your body fat measurement does not take into account your height or weight. For example, someone with greater muscle mass will appear to be obese. However, it is their muscle mass that causes the numbers to up on the calculator making them to appear fatter than they are.

Reduce Your Weight

Well, you exercise. That's why the fitness and health and wellness industry is so big to address overweight issues. When you exercise or workout you will increase the amount of calories you burn. If you reduce the amount of calories you eat your body will get energy from stored body fat to carry out its necessary functions.

Females usually store fat around their hips and thighs while males around their stomach. Many guys think that they can get rid of fat around their waist by doing 1000 situps. This will not happen.

You have to do some sort of intense cardio and along with proper eating will cause a synergy to help reduce the weight. Your body will take fat for energy from the mid-section, back, thighs or chin and this will result in weight reduction. It's an overall fat loss effort not a spot reduction.

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