What's Muscle Confusion?

Muscle Confusion

Muscle confusion is a type of program where your workouts are varied. Have you ever worked out at home or the gym and get tired of doing the same exercises?

Well your muscles probably feel the same way. Without much variation or a challenge they do not develop the way you would like them too.

Ever notice if you have a slight pain in your leg what happens.Your body adapts a different walking style. It's the same way with your muscles. They adapt if you teach them too.

Mix Routines But Focus On Challenging Yourself

Muscle confusion can focus on mixing up your routine doing cardio one day then switching to weights the next day.

The basic premise for many new workout programs on television hinges on challenging different muscle groups at different times. They are very effective in achieving results.

It becomes more realistic to assume that the models of these programs earned their bodies using these exact programs. On the other hand ripped models that advertise pills and machines probably got their physique without any gimmicks but through hard work. Nothing worth achieving comes easily there is always a price.

You have to challenge yourself. If you can bench press 225 lbs 8 times then the next time shoot for 9 reps. Another day you can do 240 lbs 4 times. You may have to get a spotter to help you. However, your muscles will certainly get stronger as you are telling it that it needs too in order to lift more weights.

Leaner and Athletic or Bulky

Use muscle confusion to your advantage if you want a more athletic look. You don't want to reach the point where your muscles plateau and know what comes next. When you feel that your muscles are not responding to your workout then it's time to surprise them and change.

For example, if you are not challenged doing 10 pullups you can use the lat pull down machine and use more weight.

Incorporate some intense cardio into your weight training days. Rather than focus on a weight day mix it up with cardio. This will definitely get you cut and toned.

Do 21's instead of 3 sets of 12 bicep curls. This is when you do 7 curls half way up then 7 curls from the half mark all the way up and then do 7 complete curls. Do all 21 without stopping.

Utilize this type of workout over a period of time to keep your muscles figuring out what workout comes next.

Keep Challenging Yourself

Muscle Confusion in a nutshell deals with challenging your muscles. If you do 100 pushups a day after a while your workout will become less challenging. Some people actually have workout programs that are like that. They come into the gym doing the same exercise routine for months at a time. They may not see the gains they hope to achieve and quit.

Don't get bored doing the same thing. Challenge yourself to see greater results. Don't quit but keep going even if do not feel like it. If you feel like quitting on yourself then you definitely need to challenge yourself to keep going.

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