Practical Advice Giving You The Motivation To Exercise

Reset Your Goals

If you have the motivation to exercise because you were determined to exercise 4 days a week for a month then what would you do after a month has gone?

Will you quit?

If you did it once you can do it again. Reset your goals and get the motivation to workout because you will not miss another workout.

It's that simple. If you lost 5 pounds over a month you can get the exercise motivation you need to lose another 5 pounds over a second month.

Find A Workout Partner To Push You

Someone who you workout with and pushes you giving you the motivation to exercise is always a major benefit. We all need that encouragement and push to move to the next level. Sometimes the motivation to workout comes from a buddy who pushes you even when you do not want to go on.

It may be to go another round, to do a little more cardio or to workout when you do not feel like it. It should also be reciprocal where you also provide support to them when they feel like quitting.

It Helps You To Be Successful In Other Areas Of Life

One hour of working out equals the ability to finish a project whether it is at home or work.

When you finish 1 hour of intense exercise there is a feeling of accomplishement. You feel you can do anything. When you tackle other projects then there is more belief in yourself that you can finish them.

That should give you the motivation to exercise.

Keeps You In Good Health And Strength

In this day of unhealthy processed foods and diseases you should be motivated to exercise to keep yourself in good health and strength.

Of course it does not give you an excuse to indulge in unhealthy eating so you can burn the calories. You don't want to burn 100 calories and gain 300 calories. However, the fear of diseases should be enough exercise motivation so that you build your body up to fight any type of health related disease.

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