To Lose Fat We Must Avoid At All Cost These 3 Common Mistakes

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Everyday you wake up with well meaning intentions to exercise and eat right in order to lose fat. However, you go to bed at night in failure.

Your score sheet looks like you 0 fat 10.

There are 3 mistakes that make you achieve low fat results and cause you to be become discouraged on your journey of weight reduction.

Once you correct these mistakes you will achieve low fat results and be in the best shape of your life.

Doing what everybody else is doing

Many people fail in their efforts to lose fat. However, people still continue to take advice from them.

It is better to follow practical real results!

I remember seeing someone in the gym doing the same exercise over a period of time. It looked as though it was torture to the individual more than a labor of love to achieve their goal.

They still looked the same way even after some time had gone. Many people do the same exercise they see other people doing because it looks as though it may work. They do not have a proper understanding or know exactly what the exercise does.

If you don't remember anything remember this. Everyone's body is different and we are all at different levels of fitness. What may work for someone may not work for you.

Do not go to the gym and copy someone's workout without knowing what you want to accomplish and how that particular exercise will help you with it.

Everything you see is not real and the masses do not have clear cut goals about what they want to achieve. Which brings me to my next point...

No clear cut goals

If I asked you to stop reading and asked you what your goals are to lose fat what would it be? Well according to some people:

  • To lose fat and ultimately to lose weight
  • To fit into my wedding dress
  • To look good for summer
  • To be healthier
  • These goals are great! However, they are long term. You should set specific clear cut weight reduction strategies which will help you to achieve your goals.

    Specific goals will help you to make better decisions on a daily basis and help you with your weight control. How about clear cut goals such as

    Clear cut goals

  • Eating more vegetables instead of bread rice and pasta daily
  • I will substitute sugary foods with fruits daily
  • Drinking more water and healthy sugar free juices with meals instead of high sugar content juices
  • I will work out 4 days every week after work this week
  • These goals are not only specific but they give an indication of when they should be implemented.

    I dare you to think of 7 more clear cut goals to help you achieve low fat results.

    Remember in achieving your fitness goals it is the daily decisions that we make that will show in our results. "A quality wall is built brick by brick."

    Looking for results versus evaluating progress

    I know we've all done it at some point in time in our quest to lose fat. We look at ourselves in the mirror everyday to see if we've transformed overnight.

    However, it takes time to see see any weight reduction. Sorry to burst your bubble you will not lose body fat overnight.

    You should take that time and energy to see how well you've done with your weekly goals. Look at reasons why you were unable to accomplish your weight loss goals.

    For example, you may have not bought enough veggies and instead opted for more rice and potatoes. Hopefully the rice was brown and the potatoes were the kind that you peel and boil or bake.

    You may have also missed a day at the gym because you had to work late. You can have morning workouts for the days that you work late or you can do an intense 15 to 20 minute workout from home. Evaluate your progress and tweak your actions accordingly or else you will not accomplish your fat loss goals.

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