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Have you ever asked yourself, "Geez why can't my workout routine help me achieve my fitness goals?" "What do I need to eat and how do I stay motivated to exercise?"

Have you ever told yourself that you need to know more about fitness and achieving your goals?

Then welcome!

Why This Site?

The number one goal of this website is to simplify the abundance of information you can find on the web about fitness. I also want to help you to create a healthy lifestyle through proper mindset and action. Get rid of all your bad habits and create good habits.

Workout Routine

It's not just about working out but thinking about the way you workout.

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You've come to the right place if you want to know more about nutrition, building muscle, burning fat and the exercise motivation to get you in better shape than you are now.

A lot of information provided by great professionals can be challenging to understand. For example, ever heard of lactic acid? The first time I heard the word lactic I thought it was another language. No one could seem to provide an easy explanation.

Well, we all know that each person has unique desirable workout goals that they would like to accomplish. Stick around and you'll find just what you are looking for.

The number one reason that most people do not workout is...


TIME or the excuse of a lack thereof. However, with the rise of workout dvds, like p90x, you can still get a great workout from the comfort of your own home.There is no excuse.

Remember we always make time to watch television or spend a few days in the hospital when some type of health complication arises due to no type of physical activity.

Sometimes we may just be lazy and choose to stay on the couch rather than discipline ourselves to exercise. If you can determine the next time you have a decision to make between working out and leisure choose the one that will benefit your health the most.

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Your health is non-negotiable!

On the other hand some people genuinely do not have as much free time as others. Still, make some time for the things that matter. You will be better off. Make fitness a lifestyle not an event.

Why do most people fail to achieve their goals?


Some people aren’t aware that their body groans when it realizes that they are about to do the same boring workout again. People even do little activity and hope to see big results. We like variety and change in our lives so why not implement those two factors when it comes to our fitness goals.

Some people are also not motivated enough and quit along the way. One day they decided not to workout. That one day then becomes 3 days which lead to a week, then to 2 months. Eventually, they stop altogether.

This is what happens when you see results

Working out is not the same as watching television for two hours while eating pizza, drinking soda and then eating something sweet for dessert. However, there is a sort of satisfaction and confidence you feel after any physical activity. Ultimately, there is no better medicine for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or other overweight conditions. Oh! Last but not least you look great!

All the best with your fitness goals and remember have fun and enjoy the journey!

Connect with me on Facebook and my new website Supreme Holistic Fitness for daily tips and practical information.

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