Good Healthy Food!

Healthy Food

Make Good Healthy Food Choices

Have you ever been on a good workout program and had the temptation to eat some nice tasty greasy food. How about a road trip with limited choices except fast food outlets. Maybe you're about to begin eating a little healthier.

There is hope. You can find a few nutritional foods at some of these fast food joints. You have to avoid the sugary sodas, deep fried french fries, nuggets and hash browns. These are soaked in trans fats from the hydrogenated vegetable oils that fries them.

You are not consuming ab food. In fact you will pack on the pounds in the stomach area. Something most people try to avoid. Instead of drinking soda drink water or lightly sweetened iced tea. Eat the grilled meats or grilled chicken salads minus the croutons.

Restaurant - Healthy Food Choices

For the times that we can always prepare healthy meals it is still our responsibility to make good nutritional food choices.


  • Refined processed carbs
  • Fried Foods
  • Very sweet sodas and juices
  • Try not to eat the bread sticks that are brought to you. You should also substitute the fries with something like vegetables. Sweet potatoes and baked potatoes are also healthy coices. Do not forget that pasta and rice are also processed carbs. Instead choose brown pasta and rice.


  • Grilled
  • Brown and whole grain
  • Less sugar
  • Remember to get what you want you have to do what most people are not willing to do. They are the ones who are usually overweight and tired most of the time.

    If you do decide to eat pasta, fries and sweet sodas then make sure you do a very intense workout before you eat so your body can burn fat before and after your meal.

    Achieve - Healthy Food Choices

    This does not mean that you are confined to eating these foods all your life. You know how addictive and tasty unhealthy foods can be. When you can begin to appreciate how your body works then you will become more mindful of what you feed it.

    You will begin to make more nutritional food choices. This is something your body will appreciate.

    It is like doing something that you may not entirely like to do but doing it because you know how beneficial it is. Once you can achieve that mindset then everything becomes easier to do.

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