Get Abs With These 4 Principles

Who doesn't want to get abs. You work to get them anywhere from 3 to 6 days a week consistantly. You sweat and toil working on your core area but without much success. Maybe you are content with being close to getting ripped abs and settling for whatever results you get.

You have an idea of how to get abs. Your diet is pretty good. You do high intensity workouts and occasionally hit the weight room. However, it seems as though the crowning point of having that ripped six pack eludes you.

Many people have a hard time getting their body fat below certain levels to achieve visible abs. It's not impossible but it takes knowing certain principles to achieve this goal. Count Calories

Count the Calories

While you do not have to be known as the guy or girl that obsessively counts calories you should know how to read nutrition facts and get an idea of how many calories you should consume daily.

In order to get abs you have to be in a caloric deficit.

A 3500 caloric deficit means 1 pound of fat is loss.

Never underestimate how much calories you consume on a given day. Without having a general idea of how many calories you consume it will be very difficult to get ripped abs. Start counting the cost.

  • High fat means high calories
  • If you don't count you'll consume more
  • Once you start to observe your calorie intake and determine how much calories you need then you will be more hesitant to eat that brownie or piece of fried chicken keeping your from your goal.

    Don't Overload on Information

    With all the information available online and on television it may be become difficult to stick to one workout on your quest to get abs.

    It becomes tempting to try everything. However, once you have your goals identified you should stay on track. Do not become easily distracted.

    If your goal is to get ripped abs then identify a program that you can work with. You should do some sort of intense cardio to burn fat and incorporate weight training to build muscle.

    There are several ways to change up your workout without going off course.

  • Increase resistance or do more reps
  • Do timed cardio (HIIT) or reps (15 squats vs 30 seconds of squats
  • Superset workouts
  • Incorporate weights with cardio days
  • Takes time

    Give Yourself Time to Get Abs

    Ever seen those programs that guarantee you shredded ripped abs in 60 or 90 days? Many of these programs work once the person using it follows all the guidelines consistantly. However, it takes time before anyone sees results.

    Your body fat is not stubborn. It is stored in fat cells located throughout the body. It may just take a little longer for it to be reduced in the areas that you would like it too.

    Maybe you have completed an intense workout and looked in the mirror to see immediate results. Maybe after the temporary muscle swell from weights you don't see any major difference.

    Most times other people will see your transformation because you see yourself everyday in the mirror. You will notice change when you are not looking for it. Just stay consistant. Hard work

    It Takes Hard Work

    You get abs two possible ways. Either through good genetics or hard work. Most people do not have good genetics so you know the other option...hard work. There is no machine or pill that you can take to get a shredded midsection.

    You have to incorporate a fat burning workout and good diet. You can't get a six pack by taking a powder potion or using any gadget.

    It takes sweat and hard work. Sorry there are not shortcuts regardless of what anyone tells you. Sure you can work smarter but you will still have to work hard.

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