Fat Loss And Steps To Achieve It

Fat Loss

When you think about fat loss do you think of running or walking on a threadmill or on the street at a steady pace for 30 minutes?

How about cycling on a stationary bike while you watch an hour long television show?

These lower intense exercises burn fewer calories. If you want the same benefits of a more intense workout in less time then you'll have to watch a two hour show and spend more time cycling at the same moderate pace.

An active person burns more calories

3500 calories = 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of fat. 3500 calories burnt = 1 pound of fat loss

In order to lose fat you have to create a caloric deficit. You must burn more calories than you consume.

Do you want to spend most of your day exercising?

Unless a medical professional recommends that you can only do moderate exercise then go for it. If you choose this type of physical activity then fat loss results will take a much longer time to come.

Lower intensity = Lower effect

If you seriously interested in losing fat then you need to do a more intense workout. The result is an increased metabolism. This means that your body will be burning calories long after you are finished exercising. This is similar to a car using fuel to power itself.

When you increase the intensity of the exercise you:

  • Burn more calories
  • Lose more fat
  • Cardiovascular
  • Reduce exercise time
  • Higher intensity = Greater effect

    While it has its advantages long hours of slow cardio will not help you to lose weight effectively. If that were case you would see a lot slim people running on threadmills. Your body can only achieve so much with those routines.

    The key is doing higher intensity workouts with smaller rest intervals. You get the benefit of an overall cardiovascular fitness level and strength increase and amazing post exercise fat loss.

    Intense Exercise

    A more intense workout is not for everyone. It is more physically demanding and should be done by someone who is already in shape. If you are not in shape as yet you can always work your way up to being there. You can start with moderate exercise and progressively build yourself up for when you can do more intense workouts.

    Intense physical activity gives you an overall body workout which reduces overall body fat!

    The key to any fat loss workout is doing! Any workout is better than none.

    It does not matter if you've been trying to lose weight for a long time with little results. Try, fail and adjust. You'll eventually see results. Healthy Fat Loss


    You have to eat the right stuff!

    Eating right and fitness are inseparable concepts.

    At times it seems as though there are more unhealthy food choices than there are healthy food choices. However, you have to ensure that you exercise enough self control to make the right choices.

    You have to consume a healthy well balanced diet. This helps you immensely in your fat loss goals. Stay on the outside lanes of the grocery store. This is where all the lean protein, high fiber and fruits and vegetables are.

    Don't worry, eating healthy does not have to be a boring task.

    You can always change the way you prepare meals. There are also restaurants that offer healthy meals on their menus.

    A proper diet is the crowning point of any exercise program designed to lose weight. Without a good diet you will have a hard time accomplishing your weight loss goals.

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