Fast Weight Loss Principles

Fast weight loss seems to be in a far away land for some people. They try all the latest exercise machines and supplements. They read all the how to lose weight fast books with the hope that they will lose the pounds.

At the end they come up with just a few pounds less without the physical transformation that they were hoping for. It is easier to lose the first 10 pounds than it is the last 10 pounds.

It happens all the time. Over and over again people start programs and gyms without much success.

There are several principles and habits that once followed will help anyone achieve their weight loss goals. Some people may take longer than others because we are all at different weight levels than others. Fast Weight Loss determined like a tiger

Be Determined to Accomplish Weight Loss Like a Tiger

To achieve fast weight loss you have to believe that it is possible for you. Not just the person on television with the before and after picture.

You have to see it in your mind's eye. Have you ever heard the term believe it to see it?

In fact if you want to lose weight fast you should imagine that you are the person in the pictures.

Knowing how to lose weight is equally as important as believing that you can lose weight. There are too many success stories to think other wise.

Don't take the easy way out and have surgery but give in to some good ole' hard pulse pounding sweat workouts.

Be like a determined tiger

The Simple Science Of Calories For Fat Loss

For fast weight loss watch your calories. I'll take myself as an example, and simplify how you keep track of your calories.

You can find a calorie calculator online. Plug in the numbers which in my case shows that I need to consume 2987 calories a day. I have to create a deficit which means that I consume approximately 20% under this amount.

For fat loss I need to consume 2389 calories a day. For extreme fat loss I need 1792 a day.

1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. Now with all these numbers let's choose fat loss 2389 calories a day assuming I am not an extreme guy. My basic calorie intake of 2987 minus 2389 equals a 598 deficit (598 x 6 = 3588). Within 6 days I lose 1 pound of fat.

If I choose the extreme fat loss plan then 2987 minus 1792 equals a 1195 deficit (1195 x 3 = 3585). Within 3 days I lose 1 pound of fat.

You must create a caloric deficit to lose weight fast.

Fast Weight Loss Eating

Your Workout Must Be Intense Enough

Threadmill running or walking anyone? It seems as though everyone's starting point for fast weight loss is on the threadmill or on a field.

There is not too much wrong with this approach but you have to know how to approach it. Running or walking at just a single pace would not be enough to help you lose weight fast.

If you are running you should have periods where you speed up or if you are fit enough sprint. You then slow the pace again until your next burst of speed. If you are walking pick up the pace then go slow again.

It's called interval training. It occurs when you have periods of intense exercise follwed by shorter than usual periods of rest or less intense exercise.

It is very good for speeding up your metabolism which continues to burn fat post workout.

It Will Take Some Time

Eventually you'll get to the point where you achieve your weight loss goal and the only thing that you will have to do is maintain it.

Weight loss is an overall body effort. Some areas of your body will have more fat than others. For example, belly fat loss may take a little longer because there is more fat stored in that area.

The most important thing is that you be consistant with working out. Fast weight loss will occur. Even if it takes longer in some areas than others.

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