Exercise Without Weights

Ask the average gym person if they would exercise without weights. You might get a blank stare or be scoffed at. Someone might even venture to say if in the rare event they are unable to make it to the gym they might consider it.

After all why should they use their bodyweight to workout when they can gain size by using weights. The average gym person will readily exercise from home with weights rather than without them.

Ultimately this type of workout will usually depend on your goals and the steps you need to take to get there.

The Key is Challenging Your Muscle

Some people think that bodyweight exercises are easy. Hence the reason they shy away from them. Well if all you do are a few push-ups then you will not be challenged.

However, you can exercise without weights and achieve an effective workout routine in a short period of time with great results.

What you need to know about any type of weight training that is done with weights and without weights is called the overload factor.

In other words, when you workout the next day your body must be challenged to a greater degree. If you did 15 reps you must now be able to do 20 reps.

Why Exercise Without Weights?

If you never have time to go to the gym and you do not have weights at home then now is a good time to start. Ever heard the saying "Ducks never get in a row."

Some people may not have the money to afford a monthly gym membership. They may also not have the money to buy weight equipment.

Another reason is that some people have no intention in gaining size but want the benefits that calisthenic

If you have a job where you travel you may not be able to go the gym whenever you like. Your best friends will be bodyweight exercises.


There are many bodyweight exercises you can do. There are the basic exercises with variations:

  • Squats, Jump Squats, One Leg Squats, Squat Holds

  • Lunges, Jump Lunges, One Leg Lunge, Step Ups, Stationary Lunges

  • Push-ups, Dive Bomber Push-ups, Spider-man Push-ups

  • Tricep Dips, One Leg Tricep Dips, Jump Up Dips

  • Overhand Pull-ups, Underhand Pull-ups, Close Grip Pull-ups

  • Sprinting, Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jacks

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