10 Exercise Motivation Tips

Here are practical exercise motivation tips that once implemented will help you to never miss another workout. We all need the motivation to workout because if we act on how we feel we will never do what we know we should do.

Exercise Motivation Tips #1 - Just Throw Your Body In The Workout

There are some days that we do not feel like working out. My suggestion is to just start. The motivation to workout comes after. Just make your body start your workout routine and eventually you will get in the groove. Pole vaulters know that once they throw their body over the bar the rest will follow.

Your mind has that type of power where it controls your body and tells it what to do. You may start not wanting to workout but eventually you will enjoy the routine and the benefits derived. Your body will warm up to the fact that you are working out and will have no choice but to continue till the very end.

Exercise Motivation Tips #2 - Have Photos or Visual Stimulation of What You Want

Never underestimate the power of visual stimulization. A woman may want to fit in a dress maybe for a high school reunion. Just by having the dress hanging up in her bedroom will be enough of a motivation to workout when she does not want too.

The same goes for a man who may be overweight and has a picture of someone who is in great shape on his wall. Even when he feels discouraged he will still persevere because he has the motivation to continue with his workout plan.

Exercise Motivation Tips #3 - Commit For a Period of Time

Maybe you need to commit for a period of say 3 months of workingout to keep you going. You tell yourself that during this period of time you will not quit. The motivation to workout will be there because you now have a timeframe within which you cannot quit. Whether it rains or snow you will exercise. You may even be motivated to workout after the 3 months are over.

Exercise Motivation Tips #4 - Think About What You Don't Want

Have you ever seen someone who is out of shape? They can't see their belt or are always out of breath. Well keep that picture in your mind because everyone no matter how in shape they are can get like that.

While we all may not achieve perfect bodies we each have in mind what we do not want to look like. Keep that picture in mind when you do not want to workout and know that you are one step closer to becoming like that out of shape person when you do not exercise.

Exercise Motivation Tips #5 - Be Careful of What You Say

Do not say that you are overweight and will never lose weight. Instead say you are slowly achieving your ideal weight goal and will be in the best shape of your life. The motivation to workout comes from what you tell yourself.

Most people can have what they say but instead they say what they have.

Exercise Motivation Tips #6 - You Will Be Healthier

At the end of the day you will be healthier when you engage in some type of physical activity. Your body will thank you by not being sick and having all types of diseases. You will also be better able to ward them off when they do come. If that is not motivation to workout by itself then I do not know what is.

Exercise Motivation Tips #7 - Great Stress and Anxiety Reliever

Exercise removes the chemicals that causes stress in our bodies and replaces them with endorphins. If you are ever stressed out then exercise you will get a feeling of accomplisment and well being because you did.

Exercise Motivation Tips #8 - Burn Unwanted Calories

When you consume too much calories the excess is stored as fat. You may be do very well when it comes to eating healthy. However, your co-worker may have had a birthday at work and you may had two slices of rich chocolate cake followed by the birthday dinner.

Just imagine the many excess calories you may have consumed. That in itself is enough motivation to workout. We all have those days when we have a less than perfect calorie day because we chose to indulge ourselves with whatever we wanted to eat that day.

Exercise Motivation Tips #9 - Think About What You Want

Keep the end result of what you want to like in mind. While you may see pictures of other people who have achieved their goals imagine how you would look with a slimmer waistline.

Imagine yourself shopping for new clothes not because of a Thanksgiving or Christmas sale but because your old clothes are too big for you. That would be a great problem to have! The thought of how you want to look will keep you in check when you want to eat that thick sweet slice of brownie or want to skip an exercise.

Exercise Motivation Tips #10 - It's Fun To Do

Exercising is fun to do. Do not let it be a period of boredom. If you have a workout partner then support and encourage each other.

If you are not having fun then change up your routine. Go for something a little more challenging. You can run longer or faster, lift more weights or try completely new exercises. Have something new to look forward too when you workout.

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