What Is Crossfit?

Crossfit = (Strength+Endurance) x Mindpower.

It is like the World's Strongest Man sport on ESPN with more manageable weight and little rest in between exercises. It is very intense and is done by those already in shape. If you think you are fit then take it to the next level.

The workouts are designed to test your body's ability to use raw strength to the point of exertion. You just have to endure till the end. The only rest that you have is when you switch from arm exercises to leg exercises. Your upper body now has time to rest while you work on your lower body.

If you looked at the athletes that participated in the Reebok Games you would see that many times it was a matter of how bad they wanted to finish. It was not about skill level or strength but about raw determination to win.

Types Of Workouts

Crossfit workouts either have you focus on moving a weight or your own body in multi-joint compound movements. Simply put moving your body in a natural movement while working multiple body parts. For example, a clean jerk exercise works your legs, back, abs, shoulders and arms.

Here's a list of some workouts.

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Muscle Ups
  • Handstand Presses
  • Sprints
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Dumbell thruster
  • Now imagine doing squats, sprints, sit-ups, clean and jerk, and pull-ups for a round of 3 to 5. Now add heavy but manageable weight to the exercises and no rest in between the circuit. Get the point of how intense it can be.

    Benefits of Crossfit

    After a workout you will feel as though you've just conquered the world. You will feel as though you can take on any opponent. But the greatest victory will be the one over yourself. Not quitting even though every fibre of your being wanted to throw in the towel.

    You will have better fortitude and focus and be in the best shape of your life. Your cardiovascular system will be operating at its best. Get ready for many stress free days and the flu being a thing of the past. Remember to eat healthy and give your body the nutrients that it needs.

    Starting Crossfit

    If you are not in shape then you can do some light running to build stamina and increase your fitness level. Start playing a sport also to keep variety in your workouts. After about a month you will see an increase in your fitness level.

    Choose one of the easier exercises like a push-up and work on getting better at it. If a push up is too easy then work on doing deadlifts and increasing the weight with which you do the exercise. As you get better with an exercise move on to another one.

    If there is an exercise you have never done learn the movement with an easy weight. Eventually you will be able to get the movement and move on to heavier weights. When you have a few exercises in the bag then create your own circuit to work with and have a crossfit workout either in your home or the gym.

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