My Crossfit Training

If you can survive a crossfit training session then be prepared to get fit. If you can survive the various workout routines then you will get in shape. Greg Glassman a former gymnast is the founder of this highly intense program.

The training is designed so that you use compound movements with manageable weights or bodyweight at high intensity so that you get a desired result.

The first time I ever did one of the sets I had to push to finish my last set. At the end it felt good because I persevered and completed all my sets. From pullups to sprints to skipping to squats I persisted till the last rep.

If you never considered yourself as an athlete then take the time to begin this exercise program. This type of program will help you to become more athletic because of the type of movements that you do. You work all your muscle groups. Sometimes with one exercise.

Functional Movement

Crossfit training utilizes functional movements. Think of natural movements. Have you ever picked something up from the ground and placed it on a high shelf? Your hands, legs and core are involved. This is a natural movement.

Now add weights, reps and increase the intensity and there you have it. Now think constant and varied and you get the idea. You will build endurance and become very fit.

It is always good to get a personal trainer if you are new to the movements. This will help prevent you from getting injured.


There are several benefits that arise as a result of crossfit training. Just know that the many athletes that use this elite workout know too well about the advantages.

  • Cardiovascular/Endurance/Increased Oxygen Flow
  • Strength/Power
  • Flexibility/Agility
  • Coordination/Balance/Accuracy
  • You become the all round athlete. If you still don't consider yourself one then consider yourself a very fit and in shape person.

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