Fat Explained and The 3 Keys to Burn Fat

burn fat

The most sought after goal in exercise is to burn fat. I might go out on a limb and say it is the number one!

People tirelessly toil on thread-mills before and after work or whenever their schedule permits. Some people are to busy to workout. Here is a solution.

They hit the gyms, run in parks and play sports every day. You may be one of them or you see them everyday. They toil daily to get their bodies looking more shapely by getting rid of all excess weight.

However, most people do not accomplish their weight loss goals and lose fat because they do not have the proper knowledge to do so effectively. Use this bmi calculator to determine if you are overweight.

You can have success to burn fat by applying these principles.

What exactly is this stubborn hard to lose fat?

I am sure you've heard of calories. If not just check the nutrition label on any product. The majority of the food that we eat has calories. This is good because calories provides our body with the energy it needs to function.

Our body burns this energy to fuel all activity from simple walking to intense physical activity.

If you consume more calories than your body needs it will store the remainder as fat.

1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories. Therefore if you want to lose 1 pound of fat you must use 3,500 calories less than your body needs. Don't be discouraged but create a 500 deficit everyday to lose 1 pound of fat a week. Think long term not short term. Neither Rome or the Great Wall of China was built in a day.

This calorie calculator will help you get started. Calculate how many calories your body needs and how many calories required to meet your daily goals with this calculator

It is possible to decrease your weight number on the scale and avoid these weight reduction mistakes. There are 3 ways to create a caloric deficit and lose weight.

burn fat food

1) To burn fat it starts with eating habits

Have you ever seen someone who eats mainly fish, fruits and vegetables?

People who mainly live on islands and consume this type of diet without working out are much leaner and have more muscle tone.

It's the unprocessed food in its natural state that provides all the healthy ingredients to stay in top shape. It's that simple. Incorporate these points into your diet.

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Baked
  • Steamed
  • Natural
  • Grilled
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals every 3 hours during the day to give your body the fuel it needs to burn fat. The meals should be smaller so that your body only uses what it needs. If meals are too large the remainder will be stored as fat.

    Think of logs going into a fire. The fire becomes more fierce when you put the right amount of logs into the fire. In this case your metabolism. is the fire burning fat and the logs the food you eat.

    The quality of the logs also determines how effectively the fire burns. For example, cut soda out of your diet to save your caloric intake by 150. Veggies and fruits are loaded with nutrients and fiber whereas those fries and sandwich has over 200 calories. Substitute that chocolate cake and ice-cream with fresh fruit and save on consuming a whopping 1270 calories.

    Do not starve yourself because your body goes into fat storing mode. It begins to think that hard times are ahead and stores fat and not burn fat. Know that their are certain principles for fast weight loss.

    You definitely should not overeat because there will be some major storing of fat taking place. If you dump a whole bunch of logs into the fire then it slows down the fire and its ability to burn the logs. In this case your metabolism burning fat.

    burn fat routine

    2) A Good Exercise Routine

    A good exercise routine will help achieve effective fat loss. Your physical activity must be one where your metabolism is increased to the point that your body continues shedding the pounds hours after you are finished exercising.

    Sounds like a statement worth repeating. Weight loss that occurs even after you are finished with your workout as a result of an increase in activity.

    You should also change up your physical activity so that you not only you look forward to it but your body will benefit more from the challenge of a new exercise.

    There is a saying that says the only thing constant is change. Keep it to heart when you workout. Don't make your physical activity a drag when you go to the gym or workout at home.

    Become more active in your daily routine. For example, walk the block then collect your mail. Losing weight should be a challenge that you look forward too!

    3) Consistancy and Hardwork is Key!

    Consistancy is the key to accomplishing your goals. You have to eat the right foods and workout regularly to burn fat. Make it part of your lifestyle and you will be sure to see the fruits of your labor.

    Nothing also beats good old sweat and hard work through metabolic resistance training. to shed those pounds. When combined with consistency your body will become a fat burning machine with the right type of exercise and food.

    Many people who have succeeded in their endeavors did so because they were steady in the things that they did. It is the key to tremendous success. Keep doing it even when you would rather be watching television or eating your favorite unhealthy foods.

    In a short period of time it will eventually get to the point where you look forward to physical activity and to eat the right foods on a consistent basis. Your results will remind you of how worthwhile it was.

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