Several Points For Building Muscle

Building muscle by going to the gym and lifting weights is very demanding on your body. Any given day in the gym you can hear the grunts of guys and the clanking of the weights as they give their all.

Many people go to the gym before they go to work or after they leave work. They use that precious commodity called time and spend it on muscle building workouts with the hope of achieving significant gains.

Some people are able to build muscle fast while others take a very long time. In order to see results there are several pointers that should be taken into consideration.

building muscle effectively

Multi-Joint Compound Exercises

Most of the exercises that you do when you focus on building muscle in the gym should be multi-joint compound exercises. This will help you to get cut, powerful and strong.

If you really want to build muscle fast focus on these muscle building workouts. Building muscle doing compound exercises will ensure that the weaker hidden body parts will be strenghtened.

For example a pullup develops your biceps and back. When you are called on to move that couch not only will your biceps be strong but your back will now be strong enough to take the strain.

  • Leg workouts (back squats, front squats, overhead squats or bodyweight squats, bodyweight jump squats
  • Other leg workouts (lunges, jump lunges, bodyweight lunges, step-ups
  • Deadlifts (sumo deadlifts, romanian deadlifts)
  • Upper body (pushups, dips, bench press
  • More Upper (dumbell rows, chinups, pullups, shoulder press)
  • Abs (the above exercises engage your abs, you can still do crunches, hanging leg raises, ab bicycles)
  • Single joint exercises should be your least focus. Some of these exercises include calf raises, tricep presses, and bicep curls.

    Food Helps in Building Muscle

    Your body needs good nutrition after a workout. For example eggs provide your body with a great protein source. Some people argue that you should not eat the yolk or yellow part of the egg because it has too much cholesterol and calories.

    However, the yolk has a lot of vitamins, nutrients and of course protein. It would not hurt to eat a few with the yellow part of the egg.

    Some people may not eat carbs after they workout because the think they will gain weight. Remember that carbs provide the body with energy.

    They can also help your muscles recover especially after it has lost a lot of glucose after a muscle building workout. Protein and carbs need each other to help repair damaged muscles and promote muscle growth.

    Eat more calories than you consume in order to build muscle mass. Your potatoes and wheat products will come in handy to provide you with energy before you workout.

    Getting Enough Rest

    Have you ever carried you car to the mechanic and left it overnight. You usually do not see what he's doing under the hood. Well your body is the same way. When you rest your body is repairing itself.

    This is an important step to build muscle. You don't know what is going but there is always something going on with your body while you sleep.

    Your muscle tissues are busy at work repairing itself from all those muscle building workouts. You don't have to do anything except close your eyes and sleep. The fact that your muscle repairs itself when you sleep should be enough reason for you to realize the importance of getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

    People focus on building muscle to perform better in sports. Muscles need to be stronger to decrease the risk of injury. Not only professional athletes do muscle building workouts but your average working person who plays sports at the side.

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