About Me

About Me


My name is Keeon and I currently reside on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. I have been physically active for the majority of my life and blessed to have been without much weight problems.

That was until I migrated to the United States to attend college. I gained a whopping 15 pounds in a semester! I think they said it was called the freshman 15. Well I saw my stomach for the first time.

I did not think it was possible to see one of those on myself...at least not so early in my life.

It was mainly due to the type of food that I was eating. Also, I was not as active as I previously was because my schedule involved going to class, eating and sleeping. I was something of a mechanical robot.

The food was a little different in that a lot of the cafeteria food was processed. I even heard the eggs were powdered! I am not sure how true that was.

Where I came from you actually picked your fruits from your trees and some people even grew a few vegetables. We had an avocado tree in our backyard. I rarely ever went to Mcdonalds, KFC and other fast food outlets. When I eventually paid them a visit it was justified because I went about once every 2 months.

My diet consisted of a lot of whole foods (unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits and fresh fish) and I did not eat a lot of fried and unhealthy foods. There's a tip - lean to the whole food side (veggies and fruits. Imagine my surprise when the pounds started coming.

Losing Weight and Gaining Muscle Mass

Well after I realized I was gaining weight I knew I had to do something. I started playing basketball and soccer at nearby universities and playgrounds. I started becoming more active. I started doing pushups every night and running to the beach. Here's tip # 2 - be consistant.

I joined a gym and eventually started gaining muscle mass. This helped in my fight to keep the weight off as I found out later that muscle is what burns fat. I actually gained a nice little muscular structure that I got quite a few compliments on.

However, after a while I did not have as much time to be consistant with going to the gym. I therefore started doing bodyweight training. I did many different type of pushups, pullups and leg exercises. There are hundreds of variations. I also sprint one day a week on a field.

It Takes Hard Work

It takes hard work to get the body you want. Do not be fooled by the many supplements and machines that trick you into thinking that they are the end all.

My main focus is on overall body performance. This means that I incorporate weight training and highly intense cardio routines into my workouts.

I do not want to be big and bulky like a weight lifter. I prefer to be an all-rounder. Ever seen a sprinter or a middleweight mixed martial arts fighter? You also become healthier and your body is better able to fight off diseases.

I've had the opportunity while being in the United States to workout with physical trainers who trained pro athletes in the MLB and NFL and also up and coming sprinters. I learned a lot from them and implement many of their tips and techniques in my workouts.

The best thing that you can do is know what you want to accomplish, set a plan and do the work to get there. Always remember to have fun along the way. Hopefully this website can provide you with information.

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