3 Ab Workout Tips

ab workout proper form

1. Quality vs Quantity

Your ab workout should be focused on quality as opposed to quantity. Doing 1000 situps a day will not help you to get ripped abs. In fact you may just be putting a strain on your lower back and on your neck. You definitely will not lose belly fat that way.

It is almost the same thing as a student studying for hours upon end without any rest. After a while the ability to retain information goes down. In this sense you can overwork your ab muscles and damage them.

You also want to focus on proper form when you do any type of ab exercise. When you don't use proper form you can cause injury to yourself. Give it your all when you do your exercise but if you feel uncomfortable you should rest or stop altogether.

ab workout push up

2. Other Exercises Target The Abs

Don't forget your ab muscles are stabilizer muscles. When you approach your ab workout you should bear this in mind.

For example, when you do a standing shoulder dumbell press. If you squat a little and maintain proper form with a manageable weight you will fell a little tense in your ab area as they work overtime to stabilize your upper body.

The famous push up exercise also engages your core area when you do them. You can also do one leg push ups where you lift the right leg off the floor and continue doing the exercise.

A third way you can activate your abs is by holding the push up position. Instead of going down to the ground you just hold your position. If you've never done this before be prepared to feel your body shake as your core area and hands struggle to maintain your position.

ab workout chicken helps

3. Good Eating!

It cannot be over-emphasized how important your diet is. There are people with ripped abs who do not go to a gym. They live on an island and their diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

Sometimes people may be genetically blessed with abs and do not have to do any ab workout to lose belly fat.

They eat only whole foods and have the body to show it without engaging in any resistance training. While it may be difficult to eat only whole foods that have not been processed in some form or fashion it is possible to limit your intake.

You also have to eat regularly (2 1/2 to 3 hours) so that you keep your metabolism going to burn fat. Try not to have large meals as this causes your body to use some of the food and store the remainder as fat. Remember the example of the student in tip #1. You can only handle so much of anything at one point in time.

Keep these 3 simple but very powerful tips in mind when you start your ab workout. Remember it is better to work smart rather than harder. Strike a balance with the two and you will have ripped abs that people will ask how you got them to look the way that they do. It's all about making good decisions. You don't want to do the wrong moves and hamper your progress with your goals.

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